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Epoxidharz Couchtisch kaufen: So treffen Sie die beste Wahl

They are absolutely trendy right now, we are talking about Epoxidharz resin tables. Whether it is a coffee table or dining table, or even just a small eye-catcher as a side table. The tables always look special and make a visual impression. But how to find the perfect Epoxidharz resin side table? Where can you buy an Epoxidharz coffee table? We will now find the answers together.

Epoxy resin coffee table

Epoxidharz or resin, is an acrylic that is used for casting on the pieces of wood. There are several designs available on the market and there is something for everyone. From dining tables with an epoxy river in the middle, to tree slices that have been filled and finished with epoxy, to small side tables that have smaller pieces of wood enclosed in the Epoxidharz. The possibilities of design are almost endless.

Living room table with Epoxidharz

Dining at an Epoxy River Table is quite stylish. While enjoying the delicious food, you can lose yourself in the Epoxy River in the middle of the table. Color-wise there are all possibilities and also the Embedding of, for example, pebbles or diamonds or other small parts is possible. This makes the Epoxy River even more exciting than it already is. There are almost no limits to the personalization of a Epoxidharz table.

epoxy resin block

Look around online and develop a feel for the design possibilities of an Epoxidharz table. There are very clean designs that use muted colors. On the other hand, there are also very extravagant models where the Milky Way as River is poured into the table. For friends of a natural look, there are also tree slices treated with epoxy. Here, the resin is simply filled into the cracks and holes.

Coffee table with Epoxidharz

An Epoxy Table also looks great in front of a couch and enhances the living room area immensely. These smaller and lower tables also have fantastic workpieces. As with the dining table, there are Epoxy River Table or smaller tree slices for a natural look. The Epoxidharz seals and protects the wood und damit die natürliche Erscheinung für quasi immer konserviert. Eine Investition für die Ewigkeit.

epoxy finish on coffee table top

Also, when buying an Epoxidharz coffee table, make sure that the Table fits your sofa and the rest of the furniture. For example, the table legs can be matched to the color of the metal of the lamps. This will give them a calm and clean image in your living room. Otherwise, the table is also great to set accents and the coffee table becomes the central eye-catcher of your living room.

Epoxidharz table in living room

Very popular in the living room are also side tables made of Epoxidharz. These can be placed very nicely to the right or left of the sofa. On it makes a discreet table lamp or vase very well. In some apartments can also be found somewhat desolate corners of the room, which can be replaced by a Epoxidharz Table upgraded and can be upgraded to handsome living space. With the right lighting, the table is particularly set in scene and enhances the corner.

Epoxidharz Coffee table where to buy?

But now where to find your perfect Epoxidharz coffee table? Many furniture stores now offer a small selection of epoxy table. The Internet represents an almost infinite source here. There you can find Epoxidharz tables of any size, quality and design. From exciting and colorful designs to simple and clean designs, there is everything your heart could desire. Also very naturally finished models.

man looking for tables on the internet

Of course, if you can not find the perfect Epoxidharz coffee table model, you can commission such a table. Crafty people with a workshop or heated garage can also set out to create such a masterpiece yourself. Since these tables are always handmade the prices are of course always a little higher than for a purely wooden table. But the design is always worth the extra charge.

Epoxidharz Build coffee table yourself

Making Epoxidharz coffee table is not too difficult if you have good instructions at hand. Roughly, the first thing they need to find a suitable piece of wood. This must already be well dried are and should have a flat surface. Then the piece of wood is divided lengthwise and first planed, and then sanded smooth. For slices of wood, the first step is not necessary, but the bark must be removed.

tool for epoxy coffee table

Then the cracks and holes in the wood are filled with Epoxidharz and sheathed once. Subsequently, a mold is made of mindestens 15 mm dicken MDF Platten screwed together and sealed with sanitary silicone. In it, the pieces of wood are placed, and then the resin is mixed with the hardener. Then the entire mold is filled and after drying, entire table top is sanded, polished and oiled. Ready is the DIY Epoxidharz coffee table.

Epoxidharz Buy coffee table

Before buying the epoxy coffee table, consider how much it will be used in your household. Oiled models are less resistant to scratches than resin covered coffee tables. If your table has to withstand a lot, then a model treated with polyurethane varnish would be worth considering. This special varnish is very durable and guarantees an even longer life. However, this is not necessary for normal everyday use.

search for coffee table

Also, keep in mind that there are high-gloss, glossy and natural-looking Epoxidharz tables. Depending on how your apartment or house is decorated, a different look is recommended in each case. In addition, the table should also in terms of color and grade of wood in terms of color and grade of wood

The choice of Epoxidharz coffee table

Now you are probably wondering whether you should make an epoxy table yourself, buy a ready-made model or even commission one. If you have a heated workshop or garage and have the necessary equipment at hand, then this is certainly the most favorable variant. However, a little skill is definitely recommended for this. You decide then rather to buy a table?

epoxy resin coffee table buy on the internet

Then the question remains, whether you want to buy an already finished model or should buy a perfectly customized Epoxidharz table to your liking. A ready-made epoxy resin table is, of course, cheaper than the production on demand and made to measure. But how often do you buy such a special piece of furniture. Fulfill the desire of the perfect epoxy table, even if you have it specially made for this purpose. It will be a unique piece of furniture.